I am here to remind you that you are a source of power. 


What if I tell you that all of you is sacred?

Every single inch of your body, every part of your sexuality, all your pleasure - it all is sacred. You are a manifestation of the divine feminine.


Acces my free meditation to envision and embody your highest and most aligned self. In the attached PDF you will find integration questions. 
It is a guided visualization to get clarity on what you want in life. This is one of the most potent and powerful practice I teach.


To help facilitate the reconnection to your female power, I offer the following teachings:​

  • Sexual Awakening. Awaken your power by connecting to your sexuality. This is a woman's biggest power source.

  • Menstrual Wisdom. Women are cyclical beings. When we honour our bodies, we honour nature. Get intimate with your womb, the seat of your soul. 

  • Presence. Nothing can exist without space. We create this space by growing our awareness and sense of presence. Meditation is crucial for spiritual growth. 


Who am I?

I am both a city girl and a priestess. I am a model and a wild woman. I am an academic and a tantrika. I embody erotic innocence and the feminine essence of softness. I bring vulnerability that is as powerful as an army. I challenge gender norms and sexual ethics. Because I believe there are many better ways to relate to sex and gender. 

I have experienced the immense power of realizing the sacredness of the divine feminine and womanness. I know now what transformations occur when a woman embodies the goddess that she is. This is what I share. Through practices such as movement, meditation and tantra, I want you to experience new ways of connecting to your femininity.

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