i know you know that there is more pleasure, power & freedom to be experienced. i am here to guide you there.

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november 1st i will guide a free 5-day mini-course.

this course is focussed on exploring & expanding your delicious, alive essence. your nectar.

through meditation, visualization & gentle movement i will offer avenues to this deep, authentic place inside of you.

expect some luscious embodiment & beautiful inspiration. it will be poetic, sensual & playful. all replays will stay available.

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everything I offer is based on any of these pillars.

feminine power & pleasure. awaken your power by connecting to your body, pleasure & sexuality. 

cyclical wisdom. women are cyclical beings. When we honour our bodies, we honour nature. become intimate with your womb & menstrual cycle.

deep being. nothing can exist without space. We create this space by growing our awareness and sense of presence. meditation is crucial for spiritual growth. 


who am i?

i like to think of myself as someone who finds the union between seeming opposites - like the academic & the spiritual, the rational & the emotional, power & softness, respect & lightheartedness, the sacred & the superficial.

i try to create a perspective on women's selfdevelopment that is playful, intelligent, sensitive & hopeful. i know, from my own experience & doing this for a while, that huge growth & expansion is possible. 

to facilitate this expansion, i use tools from my tantra training & knowledge around cyclical living. this combination has been my journey to deep wholeness & living as my most happy & playful self. this is what i share.

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