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1:1 coaching journey

there are other ways of being, my love;
ways that are free, open, soft, pleasurable.

let me show you the way.

dear woman,

i know that it feels like to wake up with anxiety, depression and stress.

everything feels like too much and there doesn't seem to be a way out. your sexuality feels blocked & your body feel tense.

you feel stuck. 

the truth is that you are not stuck. the way out is actually surprisingly easy. all you need is some remembering, guidance and space.

this is what i offer in my one-on-one coaching container.

the 1 on 1 journey is the deepest & most direct way to dive into you, your world, your journey.

i will use everything i know to create pathways for you back to your natural state of bliss and excitement.

what does this include?

- 4 x 60 minute sessions (planned to fit your needs & schedule) in a 8-week container
- integration practices to support you between calls; send through email
- weekly check-ins on whatsapp with voice notes 
- optional: full access package also includes access to all my courses content for the duration of the journey.

how to know if this is for you:

- you want to learn about feminine power, tantra & woman's wisdom
- you want to grow your sexual & pleasure potential
- you want to be more connected to your body
- you want to feel relaxed, surrendered & happy
- you don't want to do it alone anymore
- you want to love yourself and be able to love your partner / friends / family more deeply
- you want to connect with your erotic power

you deserve to feel safe, soft 
& fully free in your body.

you deserve sweet pleasure
& deep, deep self-love.


standard package:

$790 - including everything mentioned above
or 2 monthly payments of $397

full access package:
$890 - including everything mentioned above + access to all my course content for the duration of our container 
or 2 payments of $450

do you feel a yes?
if so, click the button below & make your (first) payment. 

once you've paid, I will send you an email with all the details and a page to schedule the sessions straight away. You can choose the timeframe & speed in which you want to do the sessions. 

note: when you sign up to this, you agree with the terms and conditions.


hello darling, i'm jess.


in this journey i create the safest space for you.

i deeply understand the need to be held & seen in order to open into our personal & sexual potential. this is my intention for our journey.

i prepare our sessions so that each time we come together we truly explore the things that will support you.

these things include guided meditation, visualization, sexual healing work, womb connection, embodiment, emotional release and inner child work.


testimonials of latest clients:


"To anyone looking to

  • move through something

  • generate a sense of self compassion or love 

  • find your inner purpose

  • find a deeper meaning to Tantra or the alchemy of our inner king and queen


I without a doubt recommend to connect with Jess and allow her to help guide you back to your authentic self with unconditional love."

Jessica Rea, SA

“Working with Jess was an incredible experience.


She so easily holds this safe space for you to explore sexuality and sensuality with ease and with joy. I had a lot of deep sadness and fear when I started this journey,

and I can honestly say I feel lighter than I’ve ever been.


For me the way she fully dives into tantra with a huge dollop of humour is what sets her apart from most other embodiment and sexuality coaches out there. Thank you Jess!”


Izo Fitzroy, UK

"journeying with jess was such a transformational & soul-full experience; i loved it so much. 

jess' full-body presence, insight, knowledge of all things shakti tantra, her practical wisdom & ability to tune in & pick the perfect embodiment practise (on-the-spot), was heaven to both experience & witness.

super professional, insightful, straight-up & a samurai butterfly sensual goddess.


her courses are all packed with invaluable info (a suitcase of all the tools you could possibly need, on a journey like this), delivered with gorgeous grace; going deep, but always, with a feeling of beautiful lightness. jess is a gift to this world with all she embodies & brings to share. 

it was a delight working with jess; if you feel the (energetic, or otherwise) pull, (just) do it!"

Seon Venville, NZ

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