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1 on 1 intensive

There are other ways of being, my love.
Ways that are free, open, soft, pleasurable.
Let me show you the way.

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I know that it feels like to wake up with anxiety, depression and stress. Everything feels like too much and there doesn't seem to be a way out. Your sexuality feels blocked & your body feel tense.
You feel stuck. 

The truth is that you are not stuck. The way out is actually surprisingly easy. All you need is some remembering, guidance and space.

This is what I offer in my new one-on-one support container.

It is a way to dive deeply into you, your world, your journey. I will use everything I know to create pathways for you back to your natural state of bliss and excitement.

What does this include?
- 1 x 45 minute kick-off call to open the 2-week container
- 3 weeks of fulltime access to me through voicenote on WhatsApp (alternative apps also possible).

boundaries: 5 minutes of voicenote max. a day. i will respond after max. 24 hours, except for weekends.
- Recorded practices to support you; in your private digital space. You'll be able to download these to your computer or phone to keep forever.
- 50% discount on my courses Body of Gaia, Pussy Power & WomanAwake

How to know if this is for you:

- You want to learn about feminine power, tantra & woman's wisdom
- You want to grow your sexual & pleasure potential
- You want to be more connected to your body
- You want to feel relaxed, surrendered & happy
- You desire intimate support
- You want to love yourself and be able to love your partner, friends & family more deeply
- You want to connect with your erotic power
- you feel excited to invest in yourself


you deserve to feel safe, soft 
& fully free in your body.
you deserve sweet pleasure
& deep, deep self-love.

$597* - full price
or 2 monthly payments of $299*
* this excludes your national VAT 

Do you feel a Yes?
If so, click the button below & make your (first) payment. Once i've received your payment, i will email you all the information.

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