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about me

since my early teens, i have been a fanatic & curious seeker. this has led to me dive into cognitive behavioral therapy, sociology, meditation & yoga. 

when i was fourteen i started modeling, which resulted in me traveling and working as an international model for more than fourteen years. this superficial world has been the strongest push for me to discover spaces that were magical, deep and driven by curiosity.

the physical space for this journey i found in amsterdam (where i'm from), at the School of Shakti. here i was initiated into the mysteries of Shakti Tantra.


Shakti Tantra recognizes the Goddess as the ultimate divine being. because She is female, all female beings are automatically an embodiment of Her. this creates a whole new way of looking at women, at their bodies, at their ways of being. it creates love and devotion to all women, all her forms. this was the most profound antidote to the superficial fashion industry I have been involved in.


i was hooked. 


i dedicated my academic life to studying the phenomenon of women finding power in spirituality. i studied witchcraft, sex magic and tantra and how these all see Woman as Sacred. She, her body, her bodily functions, are all manifestations of the divine.


in a world where women are constantly told otherwise, i believe this wisdom is very much needed. that is why i do what i do. i want to show women their power, their real beauty. 

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