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hello sweet heart,

welcome to my free class "Becoming Whole".

this class is a guidance to coming home to yourself. to feeling whole. to feeling love and hope.

through visualization, breath and movement, i take you on a journey into yourself. we explore different aspects of your being, that make up your wholeness.

we connect with each of them and bring it all, to create a deep, sweet self connection.

this is a class that has touched hundreds of women very deeply (including me, i was crying while i guided it!) and i hope it will support you too. 

to do this practice, make sure you're in a space that makes you feel comfy & safe. make sure you have space to move. you can use pillows & blankets to keep yourself cozy & warm.

becoming whole recording

this is a recording from an IGLive in July 2021.

practice starts at 01:45 and finishes at 35:20

afterwards it is sharing & giveaway

if you are curious about Body of Gaia, come join me in temple.

when signing up for the sage membership ($19/month),

you get instant access to the entire course

+ 4 other courses all focussed on women's freedom & softness.

doors open march 6th 2023 for 4 days

& won't open again until september 2023.

click here to read more

if you feel like sharing your experience of the class, please do.
i love hearing how that was from you.
you can DM me on instagram or email me.
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