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the Body

of Gaia

Welcome, woman.

I am so honored to welcome you here.


This page will tell you all about my newest course 'the Body of Gaia'.


This course is a journey into deep intimacy with yourself & your body.


Through cycle awareness, body worship & womb wisdom, you'll create profound self-love, respect & compassion.

This course is designed to remind you of your natural beauty, your divinity & deep feminine power.

Welcome to the Body of Gaia.


A journey of seasons, a remembrance of wholeness. 

Before I tell you all about this transformative course,
let's talk about who this is for..

Right now, you might feel

  • Feel depleted or exhausted

  • Struggle to connect to your body

  • Feel unsettled & unsure about your life

  • Feel disconnected to your female body & cycles

  • Struggle with anxiety & depression

  • Are done with feeling unworthy or ashamed





At this end of this course, you will

  • Experience balance & wholeness in your life

  • Feel powerful & grounded in your body

  • Feel proud of your womb, breasts & yoni

  • Have access to your sexual energy

  • Have a clear understanding of your cycles & fertility

  • Experience more emotional stability





Now let's talk about the course

This is a fully pre-recorded course. You will get lifelong and instant access to all the materials. You do this course in your own pace, aligned with your own body.

The course consists of videos, audios & text.

Watch this 45-sec introduction video: (includes peek inside)


Content in-depth


The Body of Gaia course consists of two partsThe Way of the Womb Goddess Body. Every class within these parts exists of a video, audio (1-2) & integration tools.


Part 1: The way of the Womb

In this part we will dive into cyclical living & fertility awareness. You will learn the qualities of each season & how to fully integrate this system in your life. You will learn about your body and its functions, creating a new sense of pride & intimacy with yourself.

  1. Cyclical Living: The foundations to cyclical living & womb tracking 

  2. Spring in-depth: Theory, deep integration practice & daily practice 

  3. Summer in-depth: Theory, deep integration practice & daily practice 

  4. Autumn in-depth: Theory, deep integration practice & daily practice 

  5. Winter in-depth: Theory, deep integration practice & daily practice 

  6. Cycles & Identity: How to apply this system to expand your Self

  7. Cylces & Sex: How to use this system to open your sexuality

  8. Cycles & Business: How to integrate this system for wholesome work

  9. Fertility Awareness: Ins & outs of reading your body to know where you are in your menstrual cycle

You will also receive playlists for each season to accompany the practices & support you in your daily life.

Part 2: Goddess Body


This part focusses on reframing how we perceive our body. Now that we know the beautiful cyclical nature of our being, we can really start perceiving its divinity. 

We will integrate the goddess perspective. 

  1. The Big Release: Deep release practice of body shame & collective trauma

  2. Goddess Perspective: Learn to see your body as a beautiful part of nature

  3. Woman Worship: Change the perspective on your female forms

  4. Meeting the womb: Become intimate with your yoni & womb

  5. Eros of Gaia: Create a relationship to your sexuality that is based in innocence

  6. Womb wisdom: Hear the voice of your womb, your intuition

You will receive playlists to accompany the practices & journeys

Additional practices:

Yoni Steaming learn about the sacred ritual of yoni steaming: a deep practice of surrender & connection to the earth

Miscarriage & Abortion healing to those who have experienced miscarriage or abortion: this will support you to heal

SSacred woman.png



Full Price: 350EUR / 420USD

Payment plant: 3 monthly payments of 125EUR / 147USD

Once paid, you will get instant & lifelong access to all the materials.

Click the button to select your pricing plan & sign up!



When does the course start?

This course is self-paced. You get instant access to all the videos, audios & other content. 

My cycle is irregular, is that a problem?

No. Cyclical living will help you create a more regular cycle. But also know that it is completely normal to have an irregular cycle. This doesn’t influence the cycle tracking or the fertility awareness method I share.

I don’t have a cycle (caused by IUD or other reasons), is that a problem?

No. It is not needed to have a menstrual cycle in order to live cyclically. All of the content, practices & wisdom can also be applied to following the moon phases. This is just another cyclical system that can help us create a life of balance & wholeness. The fertility awareness is the only piece that might not apply to you.

Is this course also open to trans-women?

A significant part of the course is focussed on people with female bodies. Content on cyclical living, body worship & breath work are perfectly fit for any human being, but practices like yoni & breast gazing, womb release & vaginal steaming more specific for female bodies. You are of course welcome to join & connect with this content in a more energetic way.

About me

I am a Dutch woman, currently living in Cape Town with my partner & my cat Beans.

3 years ago I finished my teacher training in Shakti Tantra & research at the University of Amsterdam about spirituality & women's empowerment. 

Ever since I have been guiding women into immersive experiences, in the form of courses, workshops or 1-1 coaching. 


What others say about me & the work

 Jessica’s work has been more helpful to my mental health and sense of self than most of my therapists! She has an intuitive guiding sense of how to inspire and heal from afar. Emma, UK

She has helped me better understand and get in touch with my body-mind connection, sensuality and sexuality. Where most therapists focus on awareness, which is important of course, I feel that jess provides the tools to make that connection. Marianne, NL

Jessica's work has given me beautiful keys to different parts of myself I had forgotten about. Haley, US

I love the lightness you bring to our day, the softness but at the same time your and our strength  I love how you teach us feelings I didn't know I had, and you keep reminding me how beautiful it is to be a woman. Susan, DE

Jessica has the beautiful gift of creating a safe space where you feel held and seen while diving deep into exploring your connection with self. She hands you tools and the right moment to surrender further, dare to go deeper and really look. Anna, NL

With your help, I can easily immerse myself in myself and awaken my very original strength. Every day it feels more natural to be reconnected with myself. I notice how something wise awakens in me and lets me see my life in a completely new way. And it's all so much fun with you! Maria, DE

Jessica has such a beautifully warm and sincere energy, and she really helped to make me feel more comfortable in myself. Her ability to hold space for others is amazing and I feel my relationship with myself has improved thanks to jessica’s work. Lottie, UK

Jessica Fawn is a wonderful woman and teacher. Her voice guiding you into meditation feels like a warm embrace, like coming home. I trust her wisdom and her lessons, and find them easy to access, approachable. – Amy, SA

Professional, soft, correct and direct. The way Jess supports you to trust your own body, and nothing but your own, feels very safe for me. I love how she supports you to be your own teacher. - Tisha, NL

Her ability to create a safe and trusting container is really what allows you to explore these gentler sides of yourself. I find working with her and doing her courses a deep sigh of relief.- Annette, SA

Jess is one of the most talented souls when it comes down to holding safe spaces to reconnect to your Sacred Feminine. Her work was a powerful catalyst and something within me keeps unfolding, becoming more me. – Julie, DE

The way you teach and transmit your wisdom, feels for me like silk touching my soul, it’s soft, not pushy, open and warm. I felt held and seen. – Erika

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