1:1 Journey

shift from being stuck to being free in this private coaching container.

1:1 coaching is the most powerful way to shift from your current state in where you want to go. 

this is a 4-week journey of 4 1-hour sessions in which we dive into your expansion.

i use all my tools of tantra, cycle awareness and personal development to support you on your personal journey.

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meditation bundles

these bundles are designed to offer quick and easy tools to shift specific uncomfortable states. 

shift is a combination of tools to relief anxiety

melt is created to support with sexual stuckness and come back to a state of softness & surrender.

sacred Rage is a series of practices to transmute feelings of anger & rage into passion & pure energy.

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a programme designed to guide models to embodiment, radiance & inner strength

coming soon

pussy power

this is my signature self-paced online program. it is a reclamation of your pleasure, body and sexuality.


three modules guide you into these themes through meditation, theory and reading. 

expect intimate connection with your body, a sweet discovery of your feminine sexuality and a whole new perspective on how you relate to yourself as a woman.

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An epic journey into feminine wholeness. This is a 12-week online program where you learn about tantra & witchcraft through weekly videos, audios & PDFs.  

Designed to accompany the menstrual or moon cycle, to learn about all seasons and your cyclical feminine nature.

This is a cocreation with my witch sister Annette Muller. 



Image by Markus Winkler

the fully guided & real time journey with me. we go on a 6-week journey back to your original state of softness, joy and power.


we explore all things that make you a sacred woman: your body, your emotions, your sexuality, your innate power. 

this is an actvation course: meaning it is accessible, afforadable & private. The other version "Sacred Woman Deep Dive" is the intensive one. 

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sacred woman activation