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welcome sweet heart

something inside of you knows, that there are other ways of being. ways that are joyful, playful, trusting, grounded.

well my love, i'm so happy that you are here. 

because i can tell you know: you are right. there are other ways. you are able to live in joy & trust.

and i have created the way there for you.

welcome to essence.

In this journey you will move


  • feeling lost

  • self-critical

  • empty

  • insecure

  • stuck

  • unstable


  • feeling home

  • self-loving

  • self-sourced

  • proud

  • free

  • deeply grounded

what is your essence?

you already know your essence:


it's what shines through in those moments when you feel fully at peace, alive or in love. 

you feel calm in your body, you love yourself & you connect with your life fully.

i'm here to tell you that this state of being is available to you, always. this is your natural state of being alive.

don't believe me?

let me tell you more.


your essence lies in the intimacy with life,

your body & your human experience.

about essence:

there is a formula, a divine recipe, that activates your essence. 

this formula exists of 3 pillars. these pillars create the foundation, the nourishing soil, from which you expand and open into your essence.

all pillars amplify & support eachother, like the pillars of a temple: a safe, solid & beautiful temple that houses your true & radiant expression.

let's look at each pillar.

pillar 1. human self intimacy

​to know your human self, is to love it. this is the process of exploring your patterns, subconscious mind, your emotions. by becoming aware of your life story & experiences, you can't escape a growing sense of compassion. you start to deeply understand your responses. you can predict them. most importantly: you can hold them.


once you understand your psyche, you can respect it & move with it, instead of against it. you stop avoiding or running away from your emotions & thoughts - because you can meet them now, in softness.

it's the process of: 

  • exploring the roots of your subconscious behavior

  • cultivating deep respect & understanding for your psyche & emotions

  • creating the ability to hold, love & nourish yourself as you move through life

  • learning to appreciate your unique, authentic human expression


Understanding your human self means realizing: “this is my life, my story. I can’t change the past & how it influenced me. But I am able to love & hold it, as I take charge over the present & the future.

pillar 2. body intimacy

Connecting to the body is crucial to find our place in the world. It literally is, where you exist & move from. When this place (your body) feels tense or stressed, it’s really hard to live from it in a fulfilling way.  When you learn to hold it all & self-regulate your system, your body can soften. This is when existence starts to feel more vibrant & available.

this pillar includes:

  • cultivating deep respect for your body as your home.

  • learning how to move all the emotions & energies happening in your body.

  • experiencing how you find erotic pleasure in a relaxed body. 


to inhabit the body is to create grounding in a life that is chaotic & everchanging. to be anchored in the body allows us to flow with all the ups & downs. you experience the feeling of "i got myself. my body is my beautiful, unique home. this is where i am safe"

pillar 3. deep self intimacy

Cultivating a connection with existence & our deep self is what creates the space for play. You can see the bigger picture, you have the deeper wisdom. This enables you to play bigger, to expand, to explore. You get to take life less seriously & tap into the actual joy of existing in a human body. it’s absolutely beautiful to arrive here.


Once this is cultivated, the human self & body can relax deeper, as you now hold it all in a big divine mama embrace.this is where  your life becomes easier, even fun.

this is the journey of:

  • tapping into the bigger perspective of your existence

  • connecting with a source of wisdom & love that is much bigger than your human self

  • making love to reality in a deeply intimate relationship.

when you have a foundation of self-security, life becomes playful. you know: "yes, hard times come. shit will happen. but it's okay because know, i got myself." and when you know you got yourself, the intensity of life softens. it becomes less scary to open to it. you're able to love fully, because you know you'll be fine anyway.


the fear of rejection, abandonment or failure softens, when you know: "i'm good no matter what."


From this deep self-security, you can open again: to life, to yourself, to others.

essence (3).png

about the course

essence will guide you to cultivate each of these pillars.

every module consists of videos, 5 or 6 audio journeys, a workbook & integration prompts.

all materials are pre-recorded, which you will work through in your own pace & flow.

you'll have instant & lifetime access to all content.

click here have little look inside the course

the course also includes 1 live zoom call with the most powerful self-exploration ritual i know.

it will happen november 22nd at 7PM CET.

why trust me?

i've spent many years now, trying to find the perfect formula to sustainable self-love. nothing i tried ever felt complete enough. 

i tried all types of therapy, body work & spirituality. they all were a piece of the puzzle, but none of them created the lasting change that i sought.

so i thought: why don't i combine these pieces? why don't i create a lush combination of these pillars?

this is what i've done, & you're looking at the result: essence. it's a poetic dance of personal growth, embodiment work & tantra. 

this combination is what created sustainable, solid grounding in my essence. what i mean by that is that i:

1) fully understand & love my human self

2) deeply inhabit & respect my body

3) am constantly tapped into a deep source of love.

These 3 pillars create my recipe to a fulfilling, beautiful life.

after a life of anxiety & years of depression, this is huge. i honestly never believed i could be happy. now i can say, without the slightest cringe, that i love myself, i got myself, i move through life with lightness.

this is what i invite you into.  the world needs you in your essence.


you deserve to live from your radiant, sweet & authentic essence.
the world needs it.

0028_25 (2) - Copy.jpg

are you feeling a yes?

if all of this is giving you a feeling of expansion, or a feeling of a gentle sweet knowing, please follow that.

this is your deep self communicating with you. 

the investment:

$197 in full

or 2 payments of $99


click the button below to purchase & access the course.

if you have a discount code, you can add it on the checkout page.

what others are saying about me & the work:

Jessica’s work has been more helpful to my mental health and sense of self than most of my therapists! She has an intuitive guiding sense of how to inspire and heal from afar. Emma, UK

With your help, I can easily immerse myself in myself and awaken my very original strength. Every day it feels more natural to be reconnected with myself. I notice how something wise awakens in me and lets me see my life in a completely new way.  - Maria, DE

Jessica has such a beautifully warm and sincere energy, and she really helped to make me feel more comfortable in myself. I feel my relationship with myself has improved thanks to jessica’s work. - Lottie, UK

Jessica Fawn is a wonderful woman and teacher. Her voice guiding you into meditation feels like a warm embrace, like coming home. I trust her wisdom and her lessons, and find them easy to access, approachable. – Amy, SA

She has helped me better understand and get in touch with my body-mind connection, sensuality and sexuality. Where most therapists focus on awareness, which is important of course, I feel that jess provides the tools to make that connection. Marianne, NL

Jessica's work has given me beautiful keys to different parts of myself I had forgotten about. Haley, US

if you have any questions, please feel free to email me.

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