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by jessica fawn

Hello woman,

I'm so happy you are here. 

You already made a huge step by even considering shifting your sexual stuckness.


The fact that you're here means you intuitively know there are other ways of being, sexually.

So many women simply accept the fact that they are sexually stuck or numb, and miss out on so much beauty & bliss.

I truly believe sexuality is a fundamental part of human existence and so worth of diving into.

I bow to your courage. I know you might be scared it won't work or you won't feel anything. But let me tell you: you are always able to come back to a state of softness & pleasure.

There might be lots of tension to work through, but there is always the possibility to surrender again into pleasure.

Let me show you how.

Welcome to Melt.


female sexual awakening lies hidden in deep softness

The bundle 

This bundle consists of 3 modules, each with 3 classes. Each class includes an audio practice & integration tools.

Module 1: Release


This module looks at how we can create safety again in our body after a lifetime of stress or stuckness. We process the anxiety with physical & emotional practices & shift our perspective into one of worthiness & safety.

Module 2: Connection

In this module we recreate a connection with our body and our softness. Through meditation, touch, breath & visualization we reclaim our body that might be layered in shame and fear. We feel deeply & establish a deep connection.

Module 3: Activation

In this module we learn how to activate our pleasure, our sexual body and a state or surrender. We dive into self-intimacy, yoni activation & body language. We learn how to listen to ourselves & the pleasure language of our body.


The course starts with an introduction video & intention setting tools. It ends with reflection questions to integrate the journey. 

Sacred woman.png

your guide

My name is Jessica, but call me Jess.

After studying Goddess spirituality, female sexuality & Shakti Tantra intensively, I now guide women softly into these subjects.

My purpose is to guide you back to a state of softness & a remembrance of your sacred nature.


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