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model empowerment coaching

by jessica fawn


i'm here to tell you that you're not alone.

it's absolutely normal to feel those feelings as a model. 

everyday you're being asked to objectify yourself. you're constantly being judged for your body. you've got little control over your life.

when realizing that, it makes sense that negative feelings sneak in.

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hey girl

tell me, is this you?

you're kinda happy with your life, i mean, it's good: you're beautiful, you can make a living out of that, you're able to travel, you're young, wild & free.

still, something feels off.

sometimes you feel empty, anxious, confused. you're not sure about who you are, and whether you live your full potential. 


i know this, because this used to be me.

at 14 years old, i started modelling.

for years, i had everything: 

i traveled, i partied, i made money, i had friends, boyfriends, flings. i had access to freedom & wealth like nobody else in my friendsgroup. 

i booked campaigns, fashions shows, huge clients. i went to cool clubs & hung out with celebrities. i lived in new york, london, barcelona & travelled all over for direct jobs.

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at the same time, i was lost. i felt hyperaware of my skinny body, i was anxious about meeting clients & bookers, i felt insecure about being myself (who even is that?).

my body didn't feel like mine. i felt tired & empty. the one day my body was celebrated, the next it was shamed. i was either told to loose weight or to gain weight.

at same time, i felt i shouldn't complain, as i was "lucky".

what's up cutie. my name is jess.

after 14 years of modelling, a long-ass journey to self-discovery & years of guiding hundreds of women to self-love, i am here to support you.

i use a combination of self-development, tantra & meditation to bring others to a state of grounding, softness & freedom. 

and i am so excited to offer this to you.

let me tell you all about it..

model coaching 

this is my offer:


for 8 weeks, we will go on a coaching journey. 


this journey includes 4 1-hour calls, integration tools (recorded practices, journal prompts) and whatsapp access.  


all content is adjusted to your personal wishes & desires.


we can look at themes like:


  • embodiment & grounding

  • communication & confidence

  • dealing with anxiety or stress

  • body love

  • comparison or insecurity

  • feelings of emptiness

  • purpose


i will use all my knowledge & tools such as embodiment, breath, visualization, meditation, inquiry, stress release, to bring you back to softness, self-worth & power. 

from this place you'll be able to step back into your life full of strength & self-love. this is my intention.

move from

  • tired

  • insecure

  • stressed

  • low

  • anxious

  • comparing



  • energized

  • confident

  • relaxed

  • light

  • in trust

  • centered


$650 in full

or 2 payments of $350

if you feel a YES, go ahead & click the button:

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