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it's your nature to be





you are human.

the problem is that we often become subject to this depth & chaos. 

when we learn to rest within the chaos, it becomes a game. we find the grounding on which we can dance.

it is this moment,

that the human experience becomes a creative project of pure & playful expression.

what a gift.

come explore your sacred multiplicity, in the class multibeing.

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about the class

this is a free 45 minute class

it will happen thursday jan 27th at 8PM SAST (check your timezone here)

this class will include

  • breathwork

  • movement

  • visualization

  • meditation

  • contemplation

this class is inspired by shakti tantric philosophy. according to this philosophy, human life is deeply valuable. it's something to connect to & embrace, not to deny or reject.

our body, our personalities, our desires are all valuable pieces of our existence. when we learn to see this from the deeper knowing of reality, 

our original state of playfulness arises.

this is my intention for our session.

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