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soft & strong

hello dear one

there is something fundamentally important
about reflecting & intention setting.

not only does it dignify your lived experience,
it also helps you truly connect with your life & create clear direction.

it's a moment to pause and look around.

if we skip this and keep going, time slips through our fingers.

this is when life feels mostly chaotic & overwhelming.
it feels like you are constantly 1 step behind.

within this workshop, you'll become

fully grounded in your life,

so that you can take every next step with intention & presence.


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about this workshop

this workshop consists of 2 gatherings;

gathering 1: reflect & release
saturday  december 10th at 11AM SAST
10am CET / 9am UTC / click here for other timezones

gathering 2: dream & direct
thursday january 12th at 7PM SAST
6PM CET / 5PM UTC / click here for other timezones

the gatherings will be 60 minutes each.

the calls will happen on zoom.

the replays will be uploaded in a private space inside the temple community. this is our safe space to reflect & connect. 

23 euro in total (includes both gatherings)

once you've paid, you'll be able to access the workshop space where i'll share all information about the gatherings & where i'll upoad the recordings.

note: it's not neccesary to attend live.
these classes are designed to be equally powerful to watch as a recording.



click the button to join:

don't have a credit card? click here to pay by paypal (price in USD)

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