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A Return to Innocence

I have always been called naive.

When I was called naive, it meant dumb, ignorant and too trusting.

The fact that I trusted people appeared to be a weakness.

As a consequence, I became deeply suspicious.

I became convinced that people have double agendas, hidden motivations and are actually evil.

Ironically enough, once I entered the world of tantra and spiritual development, I was told many times that my natural tendency to naivety and innocence is actually incredibly powerful.

Since then I have been trying to rediscover these qualities. I have reconnected to my childlike wonder, my pure joy, my innocent eroticism.

When doing this, I discovered that they were right. It is a natural state of being to me, as it is to others. We all carry our innocent and naive child inside.

Being naive has often been understood as being dumb or unexperienced. It is a negative term for most of us.

But we have forgotten the original meaning of the word. The Old French meaning of the word naïve is unspoiled, innocent and natural.

This innocence is the polar opposite of evil.

This innocence holds the qualities of wonder, joy and play.

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