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Sacred Woman

welcome queen! chances are, you are here because something inside of you knows there is more beauty, power and energy to unlock within yourself.

there are other ways of being, that are free, surrendered and relaxed. 

this, to me, is the way of the Sacred Woman. She is a woman who deeply knows there is no rush and there are no rules to her way of being. only her unique embodied experience is what matters

the course

this is a 6-week return journey to your natural state of being. we gather every week to explore ourselves in deep ways. 

expect theory on Tantra, Goddess spirituality & female sexuality, practices such as meditation, movement & self-inquiry and visualization. in this course i bring only the most powerful and potent theory & practices i know.

who is this for?

this is for you if 

  • you feel there is much more joy, aliveness & pleasure to experience

  • you want to learn how to activate your feminine energy

  • you're done with feeling numb, uninspired and anxious

  • you are curious about tantra & women's work

  • you want to feel more in touch with your sexual power

  • something inside of you says it's time to break free from shame and is ready to fully show up as you.

  • you are looking for connection with other women in a safe & loving space.

note: No previous experience is needed. this course is designed for any woman at any level. you are welcome wherever you are on the journey.


"I always say I am a 'Strong, Independent' woman.
But during this course, I for the first time realised that

I AM strength.

I understood that I have been strong all along."

- eske, sacred woman participant

Sacred Woman

practical information

​what you get:

  • 6 weekly 1-1.5 hour live sessions on Zoom

  • in-depth tantric practices, healing practices & self-inquiry
    AKA My tried-and-tested ways for more grounding, freedom & power

  • theory on tantra, goddess spirituality, cyclical living & female sexuality

  • replays of all sessions - available up until 31 days after final class

BONUS: Weekly integration meditation + journal prompts

dates & times:

tuesdays 8PM-9/9.30PM SAST

start: tuessday february 1st 2022


240USD / 211EUR / 3678 ZAR [payment plans will be available]

choose your payment plan by clicking the button below. if you have a discount code, add it at check out.



in-depth content overview:

week 1. Sacred Sisterhood

  • the creation of the safest space. coming into circle, setting intentions, sharing.

  • ancestral connection, womb connection.

  • healing the sister wound of jealousy, fear & comparison.

week 2. Sacred Self

  • looking for wholeness. activating deep self-love.

  • exploring cycle awareness and inner parts.

  • talking Goddess Spirituality & Woman Worship.

week 3. Sacred Body, Sacred Earth

  • a connection with Gaia, through meditation, sound, movement.

  • a release of womb pain, connecting with her and her inherent wisdom.

  • body love, breaking body shame.

week 4. Sacred Sensuality

  • exploring the body, connecting with softness, pleasure and surrender.

  • intimate connection with our female body through touch, gazing and communication

  • activating the love quality of the breasts.

week 5. Sacred Prostitute

  • sensual Shakti yoga; activating feminine energy through breath, movement, sound.

  • yoni connection & yoni worship. awakening inner Priestess.

  • exploring sex magic and the inner Pussy Witch

week 6. Sacred Union

  • opening heart, body and being to devotion. embodying shakti.

  • shiva worship, connecting with the divine masculine principle. 

  • exploring inner King & Queen. 

000041 (2).JPG

what others are saying about Sacred Woman:

Taking part in Sacred Woman has opened up an entirely new reality for me.

One where I am able to listen intently to my body, where I am empowered and resilient, where I understand deeply the divine feminine residing within me and how I can harness this power in my everyday life. Jess facilitated this beautiful and transformative process with tenderness and attention to detail. I honestly couldn't recommend Sacred Woman enough! 

- Adelaide Percy, UK

I can't even describe in words how unbelievably enriched my life feels because of the Sacred Women course I did. I learnt SO much about myself and my sisters and what it really means to be a woman. 

I feel like I'm getting back to my roots and that I'm so much more grounded.

I feel so much more connected to everything. I understand everything so much better.

- Hannah Lotter, SA

Jess is one of the most talented souls when it comes down to holding safe spaces to reconnect to your Sacred FeminineWith her authentic being I have always felt so guided and seen during our sessions, without the need to be or feel a certain way

Her work was a powerful catalyst and something within me keeps unfolding, becoming more me. I am forever grateful I met her.

- Julie Breiert, DE

Jess has found her purpose in life and she's sharing it with us. It's no coincidence you are here! Trust that. 

It is through this work with Jess, who has such integrity, that I have found my self. 

Thank you for showing me gentle and fierce in one body.

You are the fullness of your teachings.

- Julia Archer, US

it's time to remember your sacred & powerful nature, sister.
you deserve to feel alive, in love & free.


feeling a yes?

if you are feeling a yes

(might manifest as warmth, butterflies, a smile, a knowing)  

please join me on this deeply intimate and transformative journey!

enroll by clicking the button below:

 photos & videos by ella çiçekciler / beatrice gilbo / cam van tonder / unsplash

take me to the jessica fawn website.

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