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the shift

When we are stuck, it feels like that is all there is. 

But there are other ways. It is a way of embracing all, and then choosing our focus. There is no need to dig deep into the source pain. 

It's a whole lot easier to create new pathways that lead us back to our true state; one of joy, softness & inspiration.

In this mini immersion, you are guided into 5 different ways to shift 5 different emotions. All shifts consist of a +/- 10 practice & journal prompts.

I have designated the practices to shift specific feelings, but they work on many levels. Most importantly, they all bring us back home & into ourselves. 

If you sign up you are guided to the Facebook group in which these shifts will take place. You will also receive this link in your inbox. 

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Day 1

Fear into Serenity

Day 2

Insecurity into Selflove

All the uncertainty and stress can bring us into states of fear. today we shift back into our natural state of trust & serenity.

A struggle that can limit us in every area of our life: insecurity. Today we shift our perspective from insecurity into deep and wholly selflove.

Contens for the Shift 5-day immersion:


Day 3

Frustration into Creativity

Feeling annoyed, stuck or frustrated can completely block our natural flow of inspiration and wonder. Today we shift this the blockage into power.

Day 4

Tension into Pleasure

A tight chest or a knot in your stomach are all physical signs of tension and stress. As female beings we are able to transmute this energy and shift it into our superpower: pleasure.

Day 5

Doubt into Faith

With all the distractions and negative news, we tend to loose touch with our sense of faith and trust. 


Are you ready to shift?

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