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the shift

Shift 1

Fear into Serenity

Beautiful woman,

Here we are - Shift 1. Today we look at a foundational emotion: fear. This emotion can completely rule our life if we let it. 

Before diving into this practice, know that this work is not about forcefully getting rid of fear. What we do is embrace, then re-focus.

Taking the fearful child in our arms, putting her on our hip as we strut with an open heart and lifted chin to the future.  

She will be here always, and that is completely fine. She is us. 

Beneath the audio practice you will find a journal question to integrate the practice. 

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Integration question: 

  • What messages / feelings / images came through?

  • How will I create more safety in my life?

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Are you ready to shift?

Shift 2

Insecurity into Selflove

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