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the shift

Shift 2

Insecurity into Selflove

My queen,

Before we dive into the practice today, know that your insecurity is not yours. It is a construct that is consciously or subconsciously created to sustain social structures. By using shame, judgment or rules you learned how to be and these experiences can cause insecurity.

The good news is that these voices and judgments can lose their power like the flip of a switch. Chains that held us down for years can evaporate into thin air once we change our perspective and learn new ways. This is what we are doing today.

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Integration questions:

  • What can I physically bring into my life that will remind me of my divine nature? (altar, necklace, dress, flowers, art)

  • Write mantra's that capture your sacrecy. For example: "I am made of ancient particles" or "I am a highly complex cosmic creature". Anything that creates a sparkle of remembrance in your body.


 Shift 3:

Frustration into Creativity

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