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the shift

Shift 4

Tension into Pleasure

Sweet Sister,


Did you know your body is a sacred instrument? Did you know that your body is capable of experience transcending states of pleasure? Well, now you know.


Pleasure truly is the feminine secret formula to an expansive and colorful life. The best part is that if you have a body, you are able to activate this - no matter how far away it seems at this point. Pleasure is a practice.

Today we tune into the ease of softening back into pleasure. Allowing this pathway to open again and be strengthened. You will notice that connecting with your pleasure will become easier and easier. 

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Integration tools:

  • What feels pleasurable to my body? Breath, circling, touch? Get detailed - where on your body you like the touch? How big do you like the circles?

  • How would I feel in life if I prioritized pleasure?

  • In what practical ways can I prioritize pleasure?


 Shift 5:

Doubt into Faith

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