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imagine this

you wake up feeling excited,

because you know that your weekly ritual is waiting for you inside temple.

you feel calm & connected to yourself.

something in you feels tender, so you decide to share it to the community.

soon, multiple women reply with compassion.

you feel held.

you go on to dive into a course on goddess tantra. 

in a few days, you'll gather with the others in a live class to grow together.

you feel inspired & purposeful.

this is temple

temple is an online sacred space for women.

it's a place to be reminded of your sacred nature, again & again.

with continuous, consistent support & inspiration,

temple is here to offer you slow & sustainable growth. 

live video calls, weekly meditations, courses & self study materials

will guide you to self-connection & a deep sense of worthiness.

it's a community space for authentic connection with self & others.

watch this 1:20 minute intro video & get a look inside


who is it for?

temple is for the woman who:

  • desires easy access to inspiration & support

  • seeks continuous growth

  • wants to learn about goddess tantra & women's work

  • wants to expand herself & her life

  • longs for slow, sustainable healing

  • seeks a community of likeminded women

  • desires more beauty in her life


how does it work?

temple is a paid membership site for women.

it is completely private; only paid members have access.

you pay a monthly fee to have access to the community space where all live events, practices & classes happen.

there are 3 different membership tiers which contain different amounts of content & levels of engagement.

it's your choice how engaged you want to be.



tiers & pricing


click the button of your desired tier to sign up!


$9 per month

basic membership

  • weekly live ritual (20 minutes)

  • weekly reflection prompt

  • monthly live class (1h)

  • monthly guest class (1h)

  • access to community space


$19 per month

full membership

​everything from sister +

  • access to 5 jessica fawn courses (value $1532) FINAL CHANCE

  • private sharing space in courses

  • 15 minute strategy call with jess


$49 per month

teacher training membership

everything from sister & sage +

  • monthly masterclass (2h) + self study material (1h)

  • private sharing circle

  • teacher's manual (after 12 months)

  • certificate of completion 

  • opportunity to teach within temple

  • access to entrepreneur course "TO RISE" (value $657)

you can cancel, up- or downgrade at any time.

read all the other terms & conditions here.


monthly themes & subthemes

 we will be starting with "softness" in march


your spaceholder

my name is jessica fawn and i will hold the space for temple.


i've been creating safe healing spaces for women for multiple years & am endlessly passionate about guiding women to back to their natural state of freedom & worthiness.

i will guide weekly rituals, teach monthly classes, and share in the community space. i have created all the self-study courses & will guide the teacher training.

i created temple because i wished for an easily accessible space for women's growth & connection.


as always, my teachings combine intellectual & academic knowledge with embodied wisdom, to offer the most down-to-earth, yet fully immersive way of learning.


what current temple members say:

click here to hear the women's voices

monthly guest teachers

every month, temple will be visited by incredible guest teachers. each one will guide a class related to the theme.

Tess / ÉOWA - singer & sound healer
will guide a voice opening class in march, the month of softness


Francoise / ThatFertileFeeling - Mindful fertility expert
will guide a womb wisdom class in april, the month of intelligence


Nicolene Burger - Multi-media artist & creativity doula
will guide a creativity activation class in may, in the month of play

future teachers will be announched at the start of each quarter.

inside temple you'll have access to the
temple calendar with all events & classes.
you can add these to your own calendar.

you'll also have access to a replay library.


in-depth tier information

tier one: sister

this is the most basic membership.

this is for you if you want the weekly practices, monthly classes & community connection.

it's a basic membership without big (time) commitments.

time commitment:
10 minute weekly ritual on mondays
5 minute weekly meditation (on mobile app)
1h monthly class with jess
1h monthly class with guest teacher

attendance is fully optional.
everything will be recorded & available as replay


tier two: sage

this is the full membership, where you have access to everything from sister + 5 foundational women's healing courses:

Pussy Power: extensive sexual healing course (value $530)
Body of Gaia: cyclical living & womb wisdom course (value $420)
essence: in-depth personal growth course (value $197_
unfold: signature pleasure awakening course (value $295)
melt: gentle sexual healing bundle (value $90)

each course contains videos, audios & PDF's

this is for the ones who are curious & truly motivated to grow and heal
the work is all prerecorded & available for you to work through in your own pace.

there are dedicated sharing spaces inside the courses.

time commitment:
time for self study courses


tier three: priestess

this is the membership for those who want to learn how to hold women's healing spaces & guide others towards liberation.

in this membership you'll receive monthly training on how to become a guide and teacher yourself.

you'll learn the extensive & unique method i use to guide women's liberation courses & classes.

after 6 months you get the opportunity to guide classes within temple.

after 12 months, you'll receive an official certificate & an in-depth manual of all tools & theory.

now also access to 
entrepreneur & leader embodiment course (value $645) 

time commitment:
2h monthly masterclass
1h monthly self study work
after 6 months: 1 hour per month to teach or guide (optional)

live attendance during these masterclasses is preferred, but not mandatory.

read more about the details & content of the program here. (a new window will open)


frequently asked questions

is community engagement mandatory/expected?

you are invited to share in the community & engage with other's content, but it's always optional. yet, temple is a safe space to practice taking up space. the monthly classes are non-interactive. the priestess masterclasses do however have an interactive quality. 

is live attendance mandatory/expected?

attending the monthly classes is optional. since the priestess tier includes a more interactive class, it serves to be there live. if this is not possible, that is fine. replays are available of all classes & gatherings.

what if i don't have any spiritual/tantra experience?

temple is created with the intend to make the content as accessible as possible. i believe the teachings should be simple & down-to-earth. you don't need any spiritual or tantric background to understand any of the content. i'm personally a very rational person with a need for clarity & theory - so this is always part of what i create. 

why is this a woman-only space?

this space is devoted to female-bodied women for a reason. i believe that existing in a female body is a very specific experience & needs specific healing. a lot of the content includes physical practices such as breast massage, or yoni (vagina) activation, which makes having a female body necessary. the gender concept & what it means to be a woman is always yours to create. i believe in fluidity in identity & groundedness in the physical reality.

note: i use the words "woman", "she" & "her" so check in if that feels okay with you.

is what if i want to end my membership?

you are always able to end your membership. note: you can't join again until doors open again. doors open each 6 months. DOORS WILL OPEN AGAIN SEPTEMBER 2023.

what if i want to up- or downgrade?

you are always able to up- and downgrade your membership. note that if you upgrade to or downgrade from the priestess tier, you will only get the privileges of teaching inside temple after 6 consecutive months of priestess membership. you will only receive the teacher's manual after 12 consecutive months of priestess membership.

can i freeze my membership?

at this point you are not able to freeze your membership.

have another question? feel free to email me.


"I love how you teach us feelings I didn't know I had, and you keep reminding me how beautiful it is to be a woman."

Susan, DE

"Jessica’s work has been more helpful to my mental health and sense of self than most of my therapists!"

Emma, UK

"Jessica's work has given me beautiful keys to different parts of myself I had forgotten about"

Hailey, US

"Her voice guiding you into meditation feels like a warm embrace, like coming home."

Amy, SA

"Journeying with jess is such a transformational & soul-full experience. if you feel the (energetic, or otherwise) pull, (just) do it!"

Seon, NZ

"The way Jess supports you to trust your own body, and nothing but your own, feels very safe for me."

Tisha, NL

"I without a doubt recommend to connect with Jess and allow her to help guide you back to your authentic self with unconditional love."

Jessica, SA

"I can honestly say I feel lighter than I’ve ever been"

Izo, UK

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