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terms & conditions

1 General

This website https://www.jessica-fawn.com is owned by jessica fawn (hereafter referred to as the "Company", "we", "us"). By purchasing any of the Company's products or services, the customer (hereafter referred to as the "Client", "you") agrees to be bound by and respect these terms and conditions. 


We reserve the right to change these terms and conditions once in a while. When using the Company's website or services, you accept the latest version of the terms and conditions.

2 Clients & coaching 

2a Coaching calls

The Company and the Client are expected to show up at the agreed time and place. All information about the call will be shared beforehand over email by the Company. The Client schedules an appointment through Calendly and is responsible for putting this in their own calender. The Company will not send reminders.

2b No-Show

In case of the Client being a no-show for a call, the call expires and can’t be rescheduled. It is the Client’s responsibility to ensure they show up on time. The Company will register the Client as a no-show, 10 minutes after the agreed meeting time with absence of notification. The call will expire and can’t be rescheduled.


3 Cancelation and rescheduling


3a Cancelation by Client


The Client is able to cancel or reschedule the planned coaching call up until 24 hours before the start of the call. They will do this by emailing or whatsapping the Company. Afterwards the Client will be able to schedule a new appointment. If the cancelation happens later than 24 hours before the start of the call, it expires and can’t be rescheduled.


3b Cancelation by Client exception

In case of emergency cancelation, the Company will be open to discuss the above mentioned cancelation clause. Emergency includes unexpected illness/family/work/home/weather occurences where the Client had no control over the situation whatsoever. This exception expires 1 hour before the call.


3c Cancelation by Company

The Company is able to cancel or reschedule calls in case of illness, serious illness of family or loved ones, or unexpected technical issues, which would prevent the Company from delivering proper service.



4 Payments


4a Late payments

When the Company and the Client agreed to settle payment plan directly, it is the Client’s responsibility to make the payments in time. When agreed on a monthly payment, the Client is responsible for making all payments the same day each month following the first payment. When agreed on other specific frequencies of payment, it is the responsibility of the Client to schedule their payments. If the Client fails to make the payment in time, the Company will charge an additional 5% over the part of the payment that was to be made.

4b Teachable payments

The Company uses third party platform Teachable to handle all other payments. When purchasing a product through Teachable, the Client agrees that Teachable can take the amount from the Client’s account, whether in full or in monthly automatic payments.

4b Additional Teachable Payments - Late monthly payments

If the Client chooses to pay for a product by using a monthly payment plan, they agree to pay each month by automatic payment. If the Client fails to make this payment, Teachable will send an automatic reminder email. This email will be send 3 times, before the Client is unenrolled form whatever product they were enrolled in. This action is irreversible.


5 Health Responsibility


5a Medical health responsibility

The Company is never responsible for the medical health of the Client. The Client is responsible for their own health and well-being at all times. The Company will never offer  medical advice or make an assessment of the Client’s health. In case of medical issues, the Client is advised to seek help from a medical professional.

5b Psychological health responsibility

The Company does not offer services that replace the help of psychogolist or psychiatrist. In case of severe psychological problems, the Client is advised to seek support from a professional. The Company offers general support in psychological well-being and happiness, but is not able to treat clinical psychological issues.

5b Additional support for mental health

The Company will be available to offer extra psychological support in the form of coaching calls, guided practices or journal prompts.


6 Privacy

6a Class recordings

The Company values privacy very highly and will do everything to protect the privacy of the Client. The Company will ensure that all recordings from live classes will always remain private. The company will also remind the Client every time to turn off the camera and microphone during recordings, so that the Client is never recorded unexpectedly.

6b Testimonial or Message Sharing

The Company will always ensure that we will never share testimonials or messages with names (either first or full) without permission of the Client. When sharing these on social media, the Company will always blcok out the information of the Client to ensure privacy. If the Client gives permission to the Company to use their name, the Company is allowed to use this until the Client directly tells the Company they are no longer comfortable. In that case, the Company will stop using the name and will delete it from the website or social media channels.

6c Email submission

Multiple free content is offered on the Company’s website, in exchange for the Client’s email address. When given the email address, the Client will be signed up to the Company’s email list. The Company will always mention this at the submission forms. If the Client does not want to be on the email list, they can either decide to not submit their information, or unsubscribe from the email list at a later stage. The directions to unsubscribe are located at the bottom of each email.


6d Email Address protection

All email addresses will be safely stored within the database of the Company. The Company uses Wix as a third party as the email database and email marketing tool. The Company is responsible for protecting the email address of the Client and will not share it with other third parties.


7 Disclaimers


7a Website disclaimer

This website (https://www.jessica-fawn.com) is for informational purposes only. All content is based on personal experience from the Company and former Clients. It is never meant to serve as treatment or diagnose of any kind. The Company can not be held liable when the Client has different experiences or opinions about the website contents.

7b Testimonial disclaimer

Testimonials are personal experiences of former clients and are never warranties or guarantees of any kind.



8 Contact us


If you have any questions or concerns about the terms and conditions, please contact us at connect@jessica-fawn or write to us at:

Jessica Fawn

Weiteveen 27

1507ML, Zaandam

The Netherlands