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to rise

8-week course to create, grow & sustain your business.

hey love. tell me, is this you?


you want to create an epic life, you want to do something meaningful, you want to be free.

there's one problem, you don't know how to get there.

all guidance out there seems to be either just spiritual work, OR just dry strategy.

if you're like me,

you want the pussy activation AND the money spreadsheets.

you want the inner child work AND the marketing strategy.

i believe that creating a sustainable business requires both.

a business without lush, safe & deep self-connection is bound to burn you out.

a business without clear, intentional & goal-oriented systems will overwhelm & confuse you.

i've never found a course that offers both. that's why i created one.

welcome to to rise.

my name is jess.

i'm a strong believer in the fact that as a human being, we get to be everything.

i saw how in business, there's a lack of balance: both felt very unsafe to me.

i wanted to be a business owner that is both rational & spiritual, both goal-oriented & fully embodied, both informed & intuitive.

all guidance i found seemed to the one or the other. by combining all that i learned from both of the "opposites", i found a way of doing business that feels grounded, clear, safe & inspiring.

this is the foundation you need to rise into the epic human being you came here to be!


about the course

what you get when you join:

4 class recordings (2 hours each).

self-study material after each class;

meditations, PDFs, spreadsheet, formulas, templates, guides, other practices.

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content of the 4 masterclasses 

part 1. crystalize

whatever field you're in, you need to know where you want to go and why you want it. this is the foundation that will give direction & inspire you.

after this class you know exactly what you want & what you need to do to get there.

tools: visioning, goal-setting, action plan, value clarification, soul-storming, heart-activation, high self manifestation work.

part 2. systemize

you need foundational structures to rise from. these structures & systems are both internal (emotional maturity, self-connection, inner safety) & external (financial systems, time management, business structure).

after this class you know exactly how to lay the foundation for a flourishing business.

tools: inner child work, emotional regulation, safety creation, business structure clarification, financial modeling (cashflow, accounting), money work, productivity.

part 3. strategize

once you're connected to your mission & have laid the foundation for it, you can start sharing. this is the part where you learn what you want to share (products) and how you want to share it (communication), as authentically as possible.

after this class you know exactly how you want to share your magic.

tools: marketing strategy, authentic communication, product development, true voice activation, website development, healing comparison/jealousy.

part 4. synergize

in this part we look at how to create a sustainable balance between your inner King & Queen (AKA direction & connection, structure & flow, external & internal). you'll be able to feel when you're out of balance & know how to get back to union.

after this class you'll know how to fill your cup & thrust your business forward from there.

tools: inner king & queen activation, pleasure nourishment, cyclical living, outsourcing/delegating, sustainable creation

after this course you'll know exactly how to start, grow & sustain a business.

Magnified Grass


FAQ 1: i’m still very unsure about what my mission is. is this course right for me?


part 1 of this course is dedicated to clarifying what your mission / purpose / dream is.

i’ll guide you through multiple journeys to connect to your truth, your desires, your values. after this part i want you to feel crystal clear on what you care about, stand for & feel most excited about.

so yes, it is absolutely okay if you don’t know what your mission is.

if you already are clear on your mission, this will be a beautiful re-aligning with your truth.


FAQ 2: i don’t know exactly what my “product” is, is that a problem?


part 3 of this course (“strategize”) is very much about the how; how can you share & package your magic in a way that fits you? this is an exploration & process of shaping your offer in a way that feels right & allows you to share it.

i’ll invite you to explore different ways to create your offer (product development) & different ways to share this with the world (communication & marketing).

so no, it's not a problem – it’s even extra exciting to step into this process with an open mind. there is always magic you can share, in whatever form. the most important is that we find a way that feels good to you.


FAQ 3: is this course for me if i’m not specifically in the coaching/digital course industry?


i have designed & created this course with entrepreneurship in mind in its broadest sense.

what i mean by that:

this course is for anyone who wants to create their own business & wealth by doing something they love.

this can be coaching & teaching, but this can also be art, physical products or other services. it’s all based on the same framework: you sell something, someone buys it.

(in part 3, i’ll give some practical tools i use – for example: i’ll share guides with info about software i use for digital courses & coaching. everything else is universal & applicable to all fields, like self-connection, time management, cashflow, website creation, pleasure activation, self-worth work, goal setting.)

i believe that literally everybody has something valuable & special to share – no matter the field or format.

there is someone out there waiting for your unique magic.



FAQ 4: tbh, i struggle with feelings of unworthiness & insecurity. i’m afraid i can’t do this.


first of all: i hold you


i know those feelings very intimately. it’s a voice that tells us to not step up, in case it doesn’t work out.

what helped me is realize: this voice is actually very sweet, and in a (clumsy) way, is trying to keep us safe.

it’s completely normal that doing something new feels scary: it would be weird if it didn’t! whatever is unfamiliar to us, triggers feelings of fear – that is just how our primal system works.

the answer is to fully, deeply respect & acknowledge the fear – to soothe it, to tell it you won’t abandon yourself. you’ll always be right there, with yourself – always making sure you feel safe.

i personally don’t believe in forcing yourself to push through, or break open your boundaries. this can violate your sensitive system. that’s why such a big part of this course is dedicated to soft self-connection & inner safety; this is the foundation of everything.

(ps maybe it helps to know that many women who signed up told me they feel this! insecurity, unworthiness, self-sabotage. you’re not alone.)

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any other questions? email me.

pictures by ella çiçekciler / cam van tonder

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