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Sacred Woman pleasure special



welcome queen!

chances are, you are here because something inside of you knows there is more beauty, power and energy to unlock within yourself.

there are other ways of being, that are free, surrendered and relaxed. 

this, to me, is the way of the sacred woman; she is a woman who deeply knows there is no rush and there are no rules to her way of being. only her unique embodied experience is what matters

in this journey you will move



  • anxious

  • disconnected

  • sexually stuck

  • numb

  • insecure 

  • pleasing

  • frustrated

  • relaxed in your body

  • alive & embodied

  • sexually open

  • sensitive

  • proud & in love with your body

  • able to receive

  • hopeful


"I was able to meet MYSELF like never before and to find and reclaim my strength as well as my softness. I have never felt as prepared as now to embrace my full sexual potential." – Eske

about the course

unfold is a variation on my signature 6-week journey Sacred Woman.


unfold focusses specifically on activating your natural state of pleasure. 

we will look at what is keeping us from our erotic expression & surrender. we will explore ways to invite these parts of us to gently expand. 

by the use of meditation, visualization, movement & tantra, we will journey into our body & fullest self.

expect a sense of gentle practices to bring you into aliveness, fullness & relaxation in your body.

who is this for?

this course is for you if 

  • you feel there is much more joy, aliveness & pleasure to experience

  • you want to learn how to activate your feminine energy

  • you're done with feeling numb, uninspired and anxious

  • you are curious about tantra & women's work

  • you want to feel more in touch with your sexual power

  • something inside of you says it's time to break free from shame and is ready to fully show up as you.

  • you're longing for a sense of togetherness on this journey.

note: no previous experience is needed.



practical information

​what you get:

  • 6 weekly 1-1.5 hour sessions on Zoom

  • in-depth tantric & healing practices AKA my tried-and-tested ways for more deep self-connection, aliveness & pleasure.

  • background information on arousal, pleasure & goddess tantra.

  • recordings of all sessions - available up until 31 days after final class

  • a private webpage with all the recordings & weekly integration tools.

​OPTIONAL: for those who desire more personal support: i offer a VIP package which includes 2 x 45-minute 1 on 1 call with me (5 spots available)

dates & times:

thursdays 7PM until 8-8.30PM CET 

start: thursday june 9th 2022

(can't make it live? don't worry, everything is recorded)


full price:

275 EUR / 295 USD / 4300 ZAR 

payment plan:

3 monthly payments of 92 EUR / 99 USD / 1400 ZAR*

have a discount code? add it at check out.

enrollment closes in:

click button to sign up:




this button will bring you to the check out page of my online school. 


* monthly payments will happen automatically.



"Unfold has changed the way I view sexuality and pleasure forever. I feel such a powerful shift in the way I view my body, less afraid to voice my desires and deeply excited to bring joy and sexual pleasure into my life."  – Eliza

in-depth content overview:

week 1. Sacred Sisterhood

  • collective trauma healing

  • women's lineage connection

  • soothing the sisterwound 

week 2. Sacred Self

  • erotic self reclamation

  • sexual healing

  • self love 

week 3. Sacred Body, Sacred Earth

  • connection with erotic innocence

  • body reclamation

  • yoni anatomy & intimacy

week 4. Sacred Sensuality

  • pleasure exploration

  • yoni massage & de-armouring

  • breast massage 

week 5. Sacred Prostitute

  • sexual energy activation 

  • pussy worship

  • authentic sexual expression

week 6. Sacred Union

  • inner polarities for sexual opening

  • surrender into bliss

  • cock worship


"Jess knows how to gently hold your heart while diving into a deep journey together. She also knows how to help you shake out that fierce ancient goddess. Unfold was exactly that, gentle and fierce. I wish I could do it every day forever!" – Sofja

it's time to remember your sacred & powerful nature, my love.
you deserve to feel alive, in love & free.


feeling a yes?

if you feel excited about unfold -

please join me on this deeply transformative journey!

to secure your spot : click below to enroll in the online school. you will receive an email with the live class information. 


"I truly felt a coming-home to my body, my sensuality, my self. Every practice had me in the most tender tears, remembering the sacred woman I am and also feeling the power of every woman in the group. I would recommend this to so many sisters ready to meet themselves and Jessica held the most beautiful, safe space for this unfolding.”  - Katerina


do i need pleasure tools for this? (yoni eggs/wands)

no. for this course you just need you and your body. practices like yoni massage & vaginal de-armouring can be done with tools, for extra support or stimulation, but it is not needed.

do i need to have a partner?

no. this work is all about you. it focusses on your experiences and the relationship with yourself. i do believe this work will have a positive impact on the way you relate with others no matter your relationship status.

i've experienced sexual trauma. is this right for me?

i truly believe that no matter your past, you are always able to return to a state of softness, safety & pleasure. trauma might result in you needing more time, as your body needs more time to relax- but your sexual nature is never lost. nearly every woman has experienced some sort of sexual trauma and that's why i approach this work with the most care & slowness. so yes, this is right for you.

what if i can't make the live classes?

this course is designed to accomodate those who follow through replay. the journey is equally potent & powerful by watching the recordings. attending live classes can be supportive for you if you long for communal  experiences & the space to share. 

have a question that isn't on the list? email me.


more testimonials for unfold:

"The body holds the story and unfold lived up to its name. I feel this stronger yet softer appreciation for my body especially my yoni, a new level of harmony in my cells." – toni-anne

"I am so grateful I took this journey with Jess. She helped guide our group to a place of deep acceptance and appreciation over the course of six weeks. This course is just the beginning of a life-long love affair with myself. I cannot recommend taking a class with Jess enough!" – Tiffany

"Jessica's 6-week Unfold course was a beautifully gentle exploration of coming back to oneself. The delicacy of the process minimized any triggers that might come with reclaiming your own sexuality as a woman. I have shifted my perspective when it comes to how I engage with myself and it feels like the start of a profound journey of understanding my mind and body with regards to sexuality." - Skye

"I appreciated how Unfold was so balanced in offering teachings to our minds, bodies, and spirits. The theory you shared gave us new information to reshape our narratives and understandings. The movement, expression, and breath practices gave me practical tools to honour, release, and be present with the sensations in my body -- past and present. It's been expansive." - Kat

pictures by beatrice gilbo

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