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Woman, it's time to wake up.

Do you still feel restricted? 

Are there parts of you that you are still hiding away?

So many rules, subtle and overt, exist on how women must be.

We say, enough is enough.

The time has come for women to wake up to their wholeness. Not just their power, not just their spirituality, not just their sexuality - but their WHOLENESS.

This is what Woman Awake is about.

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Return to your intuitive wisdom.

We made you a roadmap

Woman Awake is a 12-week roadmap back to your body. Back to the woman within that knows what she needs. It is your guide through all your shades & shadows. 

The course is designed to accompany you through the 4 seasons of the cycle (menstrual or moon) 3 times. This way, you truly integrate and learn to embody the teachings & practices.


You deserve to feel free

What you get:

- 12 videos with theory 

- 12 audio practices

- Ebook study guide with further reading, integration tools & journal prompts

- A Facebook group to share & ask questions

- Lifelong access to the content

This course is completely self-paced.

We decided to do this because this way, you truly learn about the unique rhythm of your unique body. You can align the content with your own cycle. 


What others are saying

Julia Archer

Being a part of Woman Awake has literally awoken me to the power within me. The energy is real magic. If you even think this is for you, it is.

Sofja Umarik

Before, I struggled to even call myself a woman. But I learned I can be a kaleidoscope that embraces all of me. I think WA is about stepping into your true self, fearlessly.

Caity Coetzee

As I type this, tears are rolling down my face! I really can't thank you enough for all the love & wisdom you put into this course. I am beyond grateful for the growth and skills I have learnt and will carry with me forever.



If you are feeling a YES to this work, we invite you.
Receive all this transformative content for $666

You will have instant & lifelong access to the content.

Click the button below to sign up and dive straight in!

Want to read more about the content & course breakdown? Click here.

Visit Jessica Fawn website here.

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