A sacred journey into your feminine power

This 12-week course is a deep dive into the layers of your feminine nature. Green Witch & embodiment guide Annette Müller and I will take you on a sacred journey to reconnect you to your innocence, wisdom, joy and pleasure.

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What can you expect?

  • A basic level activation course   

  • Practical tools to bring this power into your daily life

  • Breathing, movement, dance, singing

  • Heaps of theory on Witchcraft, Tantra, Sex Magic and the history of sexuality. 

  • Tantric practices to awaken your sexual power and connect to your body

  • Witchcraft practices to reconnect you to your womb and the earth

It will be deep, confronting, beautiful and sensual. Join us on this incredible path.



This is a 12-week online journey. 

We will host a weekly live session to connect and answer questions. 

The training follows a cyclical structure. We go through 3 cycles together.

3 times we cycle through spring, summer, autumn and winter. Each season has its own theme and theory. We practice according to what fits the season. 

A short summary:

Cycle 1.
We set intentions, grow our curiosity and childlike wonder. We slowly start to sink into our bodies by various embodiment practices. We move, we breath. We start looking inward, into our emotional world. We learn to observe ourselves. We practice the art of rest.

Cycle 2.
We awaken our inner child. We invite play and joy. We connect deeply with the earth and our wombs. We learn about witchcraft and the magical powers of plants. We will learn how to feel our wombs and to tap into this source of intuition. We will practice receiving and let pleasure in.

Cycle 3.
We dive a little bit into Tantra. What is it, how does it work? We talk about sexual awakening and the power of the feminine. We talk about sexuality and self-pleasure rituals. We learn about sex magic and the power of sexual energy. We learn how to activate this source of power.

This course is perfect for curious women, who are ready to expand their lives and themselves. It is on a complete beginner's level, so no prior experience is needed.